S.T.I.Lviv – Furniture exhibition of Ukraine


  • Innovative advertising of their products – stylish presentations and expositions.
  • Sharing experiences and establishing business relations.
  • Forecasts by the leading experts about new trends in the interior design.
  • Meetings with professionals of the furniture market.
  • Bright display of products to the final consumer.

The exhibition center “Pivdennyi-EXPO”, located in a spacious area, will feature the latest solutions and furniture design technology. The exhibition in Lviv will be visited by leading specialists, sales representatives and, above all, interested consumers. You will be able to offer your vision of the interior design, reveal the spectrum of modern ideas and trends, attract new partners and find suppliers and contractors.

Exhibition Area
Exhibition Area
Reinforced Built-up Area

The unequipped exhibition area outside under cover: 500 UAH /m2


Participation in absentia

The price of the participation in absentia is 11,200 UAH.
The participation in the exhibition in absentia includes:
– placing the advertising information in the exhibition official catalog of the A-4  format  ( the exhibitor shall provide the information to be printed);
– placing a commercial clip or information on the monitors all over the hall (the exhibitor shall provide the commercial clip);
– the possibility of placing an advertising poster at the entrance to the exhibition center “Pivdennyi –EXPO” (the exhibitor shall provide the poster).

The promoter’s remuneration (distributor of the promotional products) during the period of the exhibition is 1600 UAH-2400 UAH

The complete stand features:*

  • an area equipped with 2.6 m high wall structures;
  • walls that are made of gray chipboards;
  • a 40 x 60 cm plate with the name of the company and the number of the stand;
  • cleaning of the passages;
  • security in nonworking hours;
  • additional equipment of the stand , if requested, includes: a table, two chairs and two 150W lamps;
  • 1 EU standard 220V / 2.5 kW electrical outlet, a paper bin;
  • carpeting 100 UAH / m2

* All other and exclusive built-up area options are calculated individually.

Extra charge for the exhibition area:

open from 2 sides + 10% of the area price
open from 3 sides + 15% of the area price
open from 4 sides + 20% of the area price