S.T.I.Lviv – Furniture exhibition of Ukraine


Everyone, who visits it in Lviv, will be able to learn about new technologies, materials and components, if necessary, select all the components of the future interior, designed in different styles. It is a unique and long-awaited event, from which each of you can benefit! The furniture exhibition will appeal to all visitors and suppliers, and furniture manufacturers will find a lot of useful and interesting things. The aim of the organizers is to promote the exchange of experience and establishment of new business relations during business meetings and seminars. Why namely Lviv? This ancient city has a favorable geographical location: the proximity to the border with the EU (70 km) makes it interesting both for our producers and foreign partners.
Also, the relevance of the exhibition is due to the growing demand for furniture of the whole price segment. One of the main factors that affect the furniture market is the growing quantity of housing in the primary real estate property market. According to forecasts by leading experts, next year the furniture market expects a rapid growth.

Taking account of the market changes in the furniture industry, first of all, consumer demands and the structure of the market itself, this exhibition offers even more opportunities for furniture companies. An innovative type of the exposure and an enhanced program of attracting professional visitors and end-users ensure the effectiveness of this event.

New furniture collections by leading Ukrainian manufacturers, as well as façades, components and fittings will be presented within the framework of the Lviv Furniture Exhibition, which will be held in October 2018.
The exhibition will feature:
– A winning format, which unites the leading players in the furniture market. Well-known manufacturers use the furniture exhibition as the main tool to develop their business in the country, to expand business contacts, and the export of products increases due to the exhibition;
– The exhibition Style, Technologies and Interior presents a unique range of furniture and interior design items for residential and public buildings. It will give everyone ideas, technologies, design solutions;
– The Furniture Exhibition is visited by specialists and sales representatives from all the regions of our country, professionally engaged in equipping and completing objects in different fields of activities, as well as possibly representatives of the near and far abroad.

Please attend the main event, which will be held in Lviv in October. Do not miss the unique opportunity; the Furniture Exhibition Style, Technologies and Interior is an exhibition, the subject matter of which is fully consistent with the notion of modern furniture design. We are waiting for you!